Online Consultation

Homeopathic Consultation Online, Most Effective Way for Curing Disease.

Nowadays, many expert doctors provide the facility of Homeopathy consultation online and it is the best option when you do not have time to visit any doctor or could not disturb your schedule due to appointments. You can easily find homeopathic experts online and get yourself treated.

For Whatsapp or Skype Consultation

  • Email your Case Details
    you will receive an email or a call from Dr Shazia khurrum to discuss the scope of Homeopathic Treatment in your case.
  • Make payment to get an Appointment
    We recommend minimum one or two months Treatment Plan. You should make a payment as per your Treatment Plan. Once we will receive the payment we will call you to book an appointment.
  • Whatsapp or skype Consultation with Dr Shazia Khurrum
    Dr Shazia will give 30 min dedicated time to patient where privacy is must during consultation so no one should be there with patient.
  • Receive medicines at your doorstep within Pakistan
    After the consultation we dispatch medicines. Shipping charges are inclusive in treatment plans. You will receive medicines within 3-4 working days



Get an appointment anytime

Get appointment anytime as per your choice, Get the best homeopathic remedies and treatment through our online consultation  Patients can simply talk to the doctor via online

Chat from any location

The person cannot travel to the doctor only because he/she is having a mild headache or is feeling nauseated.  Having the facility to consult a doctor online makes this problem go away. .

Get assistance anytime

When a person suddenly starts to feel ill and needs immediate assistance, online consultation serves fills in as the most ideal approach to get instant medical advice.

Patient Privacy And Confidentially

We follow the code of ethics of our profession so we do not share any kind of personal details as well disease details with your spouse or any of your family members or relatives. So please do not expect this from us or please do not communicate for this.

In the case of kids, we communicate with parents but certain data if the kid does not want us to share with parents, we do not and will not share that data. We communicate or discuss only those issues which may help the kid.


Payment Options…

  • Via Bank Transfer
  • Western Union
  • Moneygram
  • Zoom
  • Easy Paisa
  • Jazz Cash
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